The Reiki Symbols And Their Meanings

Reiki symbols have always been masked with great mystery and secrecy. Many Reiki masters still regard them as sacred and believe that they should only be made available to those who have already been initiated in the Reiki 2nd level. These symbols were created to merely act as teaching tools for Reiki students to use when they were administering treatments and passing attunements. The symbols hold no special power in them, for it is the intention the practitioner focuses on when using them that gives them energy. Time has however passed and these symbols are illustrated in books and on the internet for all who are interested.

Reiki symbols are means of focusing your attention in order to connect with particular healing frequencies. They are viewed as the keys to the door to a higher mind or as buttons which once pressed give a certain result automatically. These symbols overrule the precognition of the user that things such as distance healing are impossible and set off a belief in the symbols which is actually what causes the user to get results.

The symbols are based on Kanji the Japanese writing system. The symbols must be drawn or envisioned as taught in Reiki 2 attunement. Today, more and more people are getting attuned in to Reiki and this means that the symbols taught by different masters might vary. This however poses no problem at all as there really isn’t a correct or incorrect way of drawing them. The symbols given to a student will work regardless of their appearance as they integrate the intention and the connection to the metaphysical energies they stand for.

Each symbol has a different meaning and way of activation. There are five commonly used symbols.

CHO KU REI is also known as the power symbol. It indicates man coming together with God. It could also mean “I have the key”. This symbol is primarily used to increase Reiki power. It gets energy from around you and focuses it where you intend it to. Just make the sign over yourself and silently chant Cho Ku Rei thrice. This symbol can be used for instant treatments, spiritual protection, to seal energies after treatment, to empower other symbols among other purposes. It is an all purpose symbol and it can be used for anything, anywhere, and at anytime. You can reverse it if you want to bring energy to yourself.

SEI HEI KI is also known as the emotional or mental symbol. It means man and God coming together or key to the universe. SEI HEI KI restores emotional balance. Its key use is in mental and emotional healing. It gives psychic protection and cleansing. It also balances the right and left brain and helps in overcoming addictions.

HON SHA ZE SHO NEN is also known as the distance symbol. It means the God in me greets the God in you to enhance peace and enlightenment. This distance symbol is used to send Reiki over distance or time to anybody or anything. It is drawn when one needs to send a far off attunement.

TAM A RA SHA is also known as the balancing factor. This symbol balances and unblocks energy hence allowing energy to flow freely. It lessens or completely eliminates pain if signed over it.

DAI KO MYO is also known as the master symbol. It is the most powerful among Reiki Symbols and can only be used by Reiki masters. It deals with the soul and thus it heals sicknesses from the original source in the energy fields. It gives profound peace and enlightenment and makes the user more instinctive and spiritual.


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