Shifting the Assemblage Point with Quartz Crystal

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While shamanism and some other practices seem to be concepts people are raised up learning or must study scholarly for years like Carlos Castaneda, it’s possible to learn many things in groups of other interested people and friends with open minds. You can learn Assemblage Point shifting using a quartz crystal.

To do a shift, you need a very clear quartz crystal, amethyst or rose quartz crystal that’s at least 200 grams in weight, at least 18 centimeters long and at least 3 centimeters in diameter. The crystal should be pointed on one end and domed on the other. It’s also very important that the point is formed with at least 3 very defined triangles within 6 facets.

And even if you meet all these specifications, you could still end up with an unsuitable crystal. Hold it in your right hand and point the tip at the palm of your other hand. If you can’t feel anything, then the crystal isn’t active and another should be chosen. You should be able to feel a tingling or coolness in your hand where you’ve pointed the crystal to signify that it’s active.

To charge an active crystal with more energy, you can hold it in your right hand, which should be relaxed at your side, and take three slow, deep breaths. On the third breath, hold it long enough to tighten your sphincter muscles and swallow at the same time before releasing the breath. This will send Chi energy up your torso and then back down your arm to flow into the crystal.

To learn to perform an Assemblage Point shift manually with a crystal rather than with something like an electronic gem therapy transducer, it’s necessary to do a sliding shift. The person to be shifted needs to be topless. Locate the Assemblage Point first and then mark the spot with a pen on both the person’s front and back. During the shift, the person should stand in the same position as when you found the point.

Stand facing the person’s left side, with the crystal in your left hand with the domed end of the crystal against the Human Assemblage Point where you’d marked it on his front. Put the palm of your right hand on his back over the point area. The person to undergo the Assemblage Point shift should take three slow, deep breaths.

He should inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. On the third breath, before exhaling, he should flex his sphincter muscles and as many muscles in the genital-anal area as possible while simultaneously swallowing and closing the throat.

This holds the energy inside the body for the five to ten seconds the person can comfortably maintain this hold. It’s during this period that you can start Assemblage Point shifting by sliding the crystal along the skin up or down, depending on whether the point is low or high, and over to the central point as necessary as you move your right palm over the point on the back to move it between the shoulder blades. Never shift diagonally, but always up and over. Then turn the crystal a half turn and pull it away from his skin. Tap him lightly on the head with your right hand and instruct him to exhale and release.

Any interruption, such as him breathing or releasing his muscles during the Assemblage Point shift, will lose shift and result in it needing to be redone.

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