Shifting the Assemblage Point with Energy Medicine

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Skilled practitioners of certain types of shamanism and alchemy can actually shift an Assemblage Point without any types of tools or precious gemstones. Many can also use gems to provoke an Assemblage Point shift manually. It’s far better, however, even if the initial shifting is done manually to use electronic gem therapy to follow-up. Think of it as cementing the proper location in place and just reaffirming the new position.

People who have suffered with illness for a long time, and especially those who’ve had their natural energies suppressed and shifted with psychiatric medications or illegal drugs, often undergo Human Assemblage Point shifting and feel immediate results, only to have the point start to slowly fall back into the original bad position.

Follow-up visits and reshifting help reaffirm the good position and is commonly needed in extreme cases. When the Assemblage Point shift was done manually, the use of a transducer and electronic gem therapy as a follow-up is especially effective in keeping it from floating back to the poor position that related to the previous illness.

Energy medicine such as that which uses precious gemstones during Assemblage Point shifting can be used to induce a trance or Theta state of consciousness. Shamans and Medicine Men do this with the help of rhythmic chants and drums, but it can be achieved with electronic gem therapy today. This is perfectly safe, as a Theta state is something you experienced while asleep and dreaming. Using the proper gems, colored filters and pulses, a skilled practitioner can bring on a Theta state easily to help with Assemblage Point shifting.

The body’s Chakras, or points of energy as related to the endocrine glands, are greatly affected by the Assemblage Point location because they’re also indicators of health. Over-active or under-active Chakras can be slowed down or energized with precious gemstones and energy medicine. Energy medicine is so effective that not only can it be used in Assemblage Point shifting, it can be applied directly to certain areas of the body, including the Chakra points and even actual points of pain or physical wounds.

An infected wound, for instance, can heal more quickly when the area is energized with electric gemstone therapy. This energizes the area and promotes cell activity, which in turn helps heal infection. Sluggish digestion or other organ problems resulting from underactive systems can benefit from the “hot” Chi, or energy, of gemstones like rubies that heat up the area and energize it.

An Assemblage Point shift is something that can heal physical and mental conditions, but it can also be used to simply reaffirm good health and a good mental state. Follow-ups after shifting for health reasons are important to make sure the treatment sticks, especially when an illness has been ongoing or the person has been heavily medicated. Shifting can also take place monthly even if no problems are present, and can be beneficial to help center a person before or after stressful events.

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