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Understanding chakras and chakra colors can help you, not only in your day to day life and health, but in understanding the Assemblage Point and how it affects your heath and overall well-being. Chakras are an ancient concept, the word meaning “wheel” in Sanskrit. But instead of thinking of a wheel, think of them in the same way you might picture the Human Assemblage Point—a spinning spot of energy almost like a vortex that goes completely through your body.

There are seven main chakras that run horizontally down the body from the head to the bottom of the spine. These seven aren’t the only points of energy on your body, however; there are about a hundred minor or lesser chakras, as well. The seven main points are each associated with one of the seven main chakra colors. The symbolism and general meaning of colors can help you understand the purpose of each chakra with the bodily processes and emotions that it represents.

The locations of the chakras make their meanings fairly easy to understand and remember. The seven chakras starting at the head and going down are associated with the following:

The top of the head, the crown. This point has to do with wisdom, peace (easy to remember if you think of peace of mind), and openness. The color is violet or gold-white.

Center of the forehead, known as the third eye. This chakra represents intuition, the subconscious, divinity and spirituality. This chakra color is indigo.

The throat chakra is located at the base of the throat. Think of expression through speech, communication and truth. The color is blue.

The heart chakra is in the center of your chest and deals with love, ability to express love, emotions including painful ones like trauma, soul and heart healing and generally matters of the heart. Green is this chakra color, as well as pink.

The solar plexus chakra is located at the solar plexus and associates with personal power and freedom, the level of thought and mental activity and confidence. Yellow is this chakra’s color.

The sacral chakra is in the center of the stomach and relates to the needs and wants of the body, from basic needs like food to things like sex and reproduction, and the emotions those stir up. The color is orange.

The base or root chakra is located at the base of the spine and most specifically between the genitals and the anus on what’s known as the perineum. This is the chakra that associates with being grounded and down to earth, as well as interconnectedness with the world, relatives and those around you. The colors associated with this point are red and black.

The chakra colors make it easier to remember the meanings of these points and can help connect the associations in your mind. Often, gemstones of particular colors can be used to help unblock and balance a chakra to help promote better physical and mental health. Further study of these concepts can help you determine which gemstones and colors might be best for certain days as well as during certain periods of your life to help keep your chakras in balance.

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