Welcome to Assemblage Point Healing

Your Assemblage Point is a spot on your body that, until now, you might not have even been aware of. You can hold up your hand and clearly see your fingers, you can see your arm, your foot, the features of your face in a mirror. But you can’t look at yourself or glance in a mirror and see your Assemblage Point. That makes it difficult for some people to understand. The concept of Assemblage Point healing seems foreign and unnecessary to them.

The Human Assemblage Point and Health

But it is necessary. Your Assemblage Point affects every aspect of your health, your mental state and your overall well-being. Just as high blood pressure can be a signal that something’s wrong, or a fever can indicate you have an infection, an Assemblage Point that’s out of place is a sign that your health is not what it should be.

Your Physical and Mental Health

A shifting Assemblage Point affects all aspects of your health, both physical and mental, because one cannot change without the other. They’re inexorably linked.

Picture your physical health as one leg and your mental health as the other. If you lean to one side, one leg takes more weight. At the same time, however, the other leg takes less. Moving one affects the other–there’s no way around that. Mental health and physical health are linked in the same way. When one changes, so does the other. And a shifting Assemblage Point brings about that change–or shows that it has occurred.

Shifting Location for Healing

Your Assemblage Point is a spot on your body, typically slightly above and to the right of the center of your chest, where your body’s energies converge into a vortex and flow through and out of your body. They surround your body with this energy field. If the vortex, your Human Assemblage Point, moves, then the field has to shift–it has no choice. Just as if you force the gasoline to flow in a different way through your car it’ll affect its performance, changing the energy flow through and around your body will also affect your health–your whole health, physical and mental.

The Purpose of this Site

Assemblage Point healing is designed to inform you about the Human Assemblage Point, explain how shifting Assemblage Point location can benefit you, and show you how further study of this breakthrough by Jon Whale, PhD. can enhance your life and health.

You’ll find articles about the Assemblage Point, about natural healing and remedies, and information about related ideas like chakras, healing gemstones and more. The site points the way to Jon Whale’s groundbreaking book Naked Spirit: The Supernatural Odyssey, where you can learn more about your Assemblage Point, as well as videos and other resources to help you in your quest for better understanding and better health.

Shifting Assemblage Point Location

While information is contained to help you find and experience your Assemblage Point, and even feel others’, you’ll want to find someone skilled in Assemblage Point shifting before you undertake that process.

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